Our mission is to educate the society about digital, data, privacy and tech-related topics. On this page, we are bringing together the quality resources from the industry to provide you with online learning experience as comprehensive as possible. We believe digital literacy is one of the most important lifelong learning tools. At the current page we’ve gathered educational materials from independent sources, but please have in mind that we’re not affiliated with any of the websites and authors – we just share them to save you time and because they have activities in the same industry where we try to implement our mission.

Digital learning can be both useful and interesting. Take this test to measure your acquaintance with digital topics. The correct answers for each question at the end of the quiz help you immediately test your knowledge and fill in your gaps. Know more about the largest source of revenue for most major social media platforms, what principle describes the term “net neutrality” and where you might encounter a phishing scam. Take a 10-question quiz HERE.

A list of machine learning ideas that are appropriate for beginners and students who are just getting into data science. Here you will find hands-on projects to experiment with machine learning algorithms that will strengthen your knowledge and help you climb the professional ladder. See HERE support systems ideas that make each project better, faster and more effective.

One excellent resource of Khan Academy on Computer Science. It includes 600+ hands-on questions on topics like computers, the Internet, programming, algorithms, and data analysis. At the end of the course, you will have the challenging opportunity to test you knowledge on HTTP & HTML: Global document & data sharing; Building algorithms, Big data, Copyright, licenses, and digital media, etc.

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