The Importance of Quality Content In SEO

For the last few years, everybody is talking about content in search engine optimization...

For the last few years, everybody is talking about content in search engine optimization and the main goal of specialists is to update high-quality content for their business, clients and personal websites. Ever since the Panda update, Google penalized websites that have low-quality, spammy and keyword-stuffed content, in most cases which is not written clearly and makes no common sense at all.

Not only this was a problem at the time, but also finding quality content creators who have the skills to write on broad-variety topics and do it fast. Hundreds of companies and website admins had to find the matching copywriters to re-do all the “copy-paste” methods and turn it into original content. Of course, finding the right content specialist is not an easy task and a lot of companies lost their top positions in Google, but some managed to float above and even improved their previous rankings.

However, in this post, we will try to simply explain what content for a website is and will give pivotal points to look for when trying to update yours. We will give an example of badly written content and a well written one. Also, we will point out trusted methods on how to write a quality text for your particular niche, finding the most suitable keywords with Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs, using tools to double-check the punctuality, grammar and more. In the end, we will suggest some alternative methods, like hiring a professional content writer and giving him the key instructions to follow.

Do not forget, quality content optimization is important for On-Page SEO but Off-Page as well. In link-building guest posts is one of the most efficient ways to acquire high domain authority links and traffic to your website.

But first things first, let start with a simple explanation of what content is and how to write, manage and update it properly.

What Is Quality Content?

Simply said, quality content is a well-written text which is following particular rules in finding your niche keywords, selecting several keywords, often based on competitor keyword analysis and executing the idea of creating not only unique paragraphs but valuable information as well. It might sound easy to understand, but it takes time to master.

It does not matter how much of a good writer you are if your content is misleading, does not go straight to the point and your research is not done properly. What is important here is to create an efficient “search intent” strategy or “user intent” as some call it. In other words, you have to know the exact purpose of the search made by the user and transform it into something more. Some users have only informational intents, others are navigational or transactional. Some might have commercial intents or all of these intents combined.

So your first main goal is to target your audience, choose your keywords and have ready to publish content, knowing how to satisfy more users search intents. Secondly, edit the content, you might use tools like Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, Grammarly, Examine 64 and Copyscape. And of course, the most satisfying part is publishing it and letting it in the hands of search engines to crawl.

Before that, let’s differentiate well-written content from bad-written one and where you can slip during the process.

How To Differentiate Bad written Content From Quality Content?

Some basic factors like uniqueness, telling a good story, using shorter sentences and not overdoing keywords might sound too simple to be true, but trust us, this is all there is to differentiate a well-written text from a spammy and “difficult” to read and understand one.

Here’s an example. When it comes to writing engaging content, you need to tell a story the reader would take something from. From an experience point of view, it is pivotal to be who you are and offer a unique product, service or information on your corporate website, small business website or personal blog. Stick to your idea and write about it without copying any other competitor, it will make a huge difference and it is a sure way you will not get penalized by Google for using stolen content.

When doing a case study before writing you need to know that this will surely help you strengthen your content, not only with actual facts but it can help with long-tail keywords, developing your key phrases and structuring paragraphs. All good-written texts are backed up with facts, trusty sources and relevant information. Consider this before the writing process.

Now let us explain in a minute what a poorly written content is. First of all, it feels bland when reading. It does not have any keyword diversity, but has keyword stuffing, like using the same word over and over again in the whole article. Not only that, it feels unnatural when you read it. The reader notices words and phrases used too many times which makes it more and more confusing and in the end, there are no signs of mutual understanding between the writer and the reader.

Well-put quality content does not only mean simple text, people. Readers need to see it, understand it, even hear it. So, experiment wisely and put visual content, infographics, video, audio podcasts to your posts, it will boost the interest in the niche you try to conquer.

How To Write Quality Content In Your Niche?

We will explain one simple rule without repeating ourselves and what we already said about creating quality content. When you pick up your niche, let’s say for example, “selling computers” or “repairing smartphones” you need to get familiar with the usage of tools like Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner.

They are simply created to help you find all the keywords and phrases that you want, their relevance, see the search volume, average monthly searches and more statistics which will help you build up your content.

Over time trending is so important and you might do your research in Google Trends. This tool helps you see how keywords are being searched for in different periods and make a strategy based on real results. Not to forget to mention, Ahrefs can help tremendously with finding competitive long-tail keywords, not only for anchor text but using in the text as well.

There you have it, these tools will do the magic with the guidance when picking up words and phrases to include in your articles.

SEO Methods to Double-check your Content

First of all, you need to count these words, guys. In some niches, longer articles are better and in others, shorter will do the job perfectly.

Let’s say you have a personal blog and you give some daily tip advice for people on topics like healthy lifestyle or well-being. In most cases, articles up to 1000 words will be suitable for the situation and let’s not forget most people are not professional content creators. It is not easy to bulk-up articles for more than 3000 or 4000 words. It takes time to write it and the research would be grand before starting.

Educational and corporate website content differentiates from the personal blog ones because the content is way deeper, the knowledge is from trusted sources and the language is formal.

Our point was that the more words are used for website content, the longer the editors will work to make it perfect. Thankfully, there are professional tools like Grammarly and Copyscape that can help you at any moment with checking punctuality, grammar and mistakes you could’ve let while writing.

  • Grammarly will point out the strongest and weakest point of your text and will give you suggestions of phrases you can use for efficient replacement and make the content better. You can watch the overall score of your content rising in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Copyscape is another tool that in just seconds scans the whole text and tells you if any parts of it are found in another text on the Internet. If the scan is clear and there aren’t any, well, congratulations, you’ve done an astonishing job.

When and How to Use Content for Link-Building

Original and quality content is a must when starting a link-building campaign. Here, we will show you how it affects your search optimization results.

Firstly, all of the pages you try to get a link to must have well-written original content. There are no exceptions for that. Secondly, the way you are acquiring links, whether it is from guest posts, listings and directories, you need to have 100% original content written and waiting to be published.

Let’s start with high-quality websites who offer listings and you decide to register yours in there. Well, in the registration form you have both spaces for a tiny summary (up to 150 words) of your business, service or product and larger, more informative one (usually more than 200 words). In this case, you need to have well-optimized content to publish along with the link in the process of submission. This helps search engines and especially Google to find more and more results to your website through others. All duplicate content is being deleted, so do not bother with trying to submit with exact same content or article spinning. These methods can get you in trouble.

When it comes to guest posts, we would say that it is one of the most effective ways to submit your website as a high-quality source in high-domain authority websites. This method often requires a bigger budget, because it takes time to write the articles, to optimize them and then suggest them to websites who accept guest blogging. In most cases, the editors will send you an e-mail with the price range of accepting blog posts. After approval and payment, your article with the link to your website will appear. This is a great way to acquire high-quality links in your link-building campaign but it is not easy at it seems.

However, this is a topic for another post in which we will explain more proficiently how to create blog posts, build relations with editors of high-domain authority websites and get your site a valuable link and traffic from there.

Final thoughts on Quality Content Creation

As you have already noticed, creating quality content is a long job filled with opportunities and expanding your creativity not only in writing but implementing visual, video and audio content in website publications. Also, you can expand your knowledge by reading more on how to write properly, countless verified sources will give you the needed information.

By always trying to get better at it and stick to original and carefully edited content, there is no way this is not going to make a huge impact on your website and search engine optimization in general.

Write more, improve your keyword optimization skills and update engaging content regularly – this is the truest way to get ahead of the competition in any niche.



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