The Essence of Backlinks. How to Acquire the Right Ones?

Backlinks are created when another website links to yours...

In our latest article, we talked about how to master anchor text and its pivotal role not only in link-building but in the whole SEO process as well.

Now we will take our time to talk about something really important and share with you some methods you can freely follow to gain more traffic, domain authority and other benefits from the right usage of it.

Did you get it? Yes, we are sure you did. As you can guess from the headline of the article, we will talk about backlinks, how to acquire more of them and create successful link-building campaigns to get the most of what your niche has to offer in the search engine world.

“But first….”

What are Backlinks?

Let’s say it simple and plain. The word itself is almost self-explanatory. Backlinks are created when another website links to yours. You can hear some specialists often call them “inbound links” or “external backlinks“.

So, the main point of acquiring the right backlinks is to get Google’s attention by them seeing that your website has quality websites linking to you. This stands as an incredibly huge ranking factor and can boost your SEO presence straight to the top. Of course, if everything is done properly, you will see big results coming in soon.

Enough with the obvious chit-chat, let’s get to the actual point of this article. We will start with some indicators that you have to look up to acquire backlinks that are going to bring benefits in terms of traffic, ranking and digital presence your website.

Number one in our list is this – relevant backlinks.

Again, nothing too sophisticated, you need to follow this basic recommendation and you will see how much easier it will get searching for high-quality backlinks.

Here’s an example. If you have a website offering services in “repairing computers, technology, etc” you need to link to tech-related websites. We all know that 100% link relevancy is almost impossible and your options to get that kind of backlink are not too many. The goal is to find a website that you can bring tremendous value and figure your way of acquiring the desired backlink.

It takes time to get good at it, but also this is the main point. You won’t be one of the many spammers that are writing low-quality content, often not that much related and offering it for consideration to editors.

Believe us, high-quality websites and editors are sick and tired of seeing attempts like this. It makes no sense at all and your chance of success is equal to zero.

Link Authority and Quality

It is pretty much obvious but we do have to mention it: “Stronger websites will bring better value, traffic and boost your search engine presence through the roof if you know how to acquire links from them”.

We get this, it is a continuous process, definitely not an easy one, but if you are persistent, willing to put in the work, exceed your search engine optimization skills, you will reap the sweet fruits of your labour.

Since Google doesn’t use PR (PageRank) no more, it is essential to use third-party metrics.

We highly recommend Ahrefs and Semrush.

You can use Ahrefs Site Explorer to examine the DR (Domain Rating), UR (URL Rating), Backlink Profile and Referring Domains. It is simply amazing how much information this tool give you in just a matter of seconds.


If you want a get a bigger list of backlinks, we recommend using the Batch Analysis option of Ahrefs. It will help you generate multiple backlink reports at once when you enter a list of URLs.


This is another way to find quality backlinks and make the perfect list ready for link-building.

Give yourself time and explore Quick Batch Analysis of Ahrefs, it can bring out some of the strongest links you can set your website to follow.

Traffic and Outbound Link Quality

Let’s talk about traffic. But not the traffic you would get straightforward when linking to a website, but the one this website is getting. We talk about real, organic traffic. A lot of websites seem to have high-scores in different tools but it is important to examine the traffic analytics also.

Let’s say a website was the top dog in a niche a couple of years ago but now its traffic went down drastically because of various reasons. We are sure you do not want to create a backlink to such a website simply because the chance to get some quality and real-time traffic would be low. Simple as that.

Third-party tools also allow us to examine the outbound link quality of the sites we are trying to link to. Nobody wants spammy websites linking to theirs, do your research wisely.

Choose only:

  • Trusted websites linking to other strong websites
  • Websites with relevant outbound links
  • Sites that can bring real value to yours and yours can do the same
  • Quality Link Exchange

How to Acquire Backlinks the Proper Way?

Acquiring backlinks, especially from trusted websites, you need to offer valuable content and deserve your link. Yes, that’s right, you need to deserve it.

It is a simple strategy to follow. You need to create content pleasing your clients and new coming users. You need to engage with them so they get interested in your service, product and brand and want to try it. That’s it is all about, creating unique content for users is also the way to meet the expectations of Google.

Becoming oriented in the exact needs of your clients and mastering the way you put out content is the single best way to exceed in not only earning backlinks but sustaining a continuous flow of traffic to your website. If that means putting well-researched 5000-word article or 7000-word article, then do it. We are assuring you this will always pay off in a big way.

Customers love information, the magic happens when it is presented efficiently. Also, strong and trusted websites want the same. No professional webmaster or editor would allow thin and low-quality content in their high-quality websites. Even for the right amount of money. It would just not work, so we recommend that you spend more time on the content you are trying to get across and then to reach out in creating backlinks.

“Quality Content + Relevant Website + Professional Manners = Results and Quality Backlinks”

This is a simple formula but works just fine.

Mastering your content is what takes time, know this, there are no rules of creating “astonishing” content. Some text might be 800 words and other researched articles about 8000 and both have a huge impact on your backlink building.

Learn to write clearly, meaning you have to get your point across, always. Write in shorter sentences. Do not overdo or misuse keywords in the text. Try to stick to the topic and give a different perspective, simply be your unique service, brand and product. Do not copy anything or anyone, just because they were successful. Yes, you can use some guiding points and rules of other professionals, but in the core of your content prepared for backlinks must be 100% you, your mission and vision when bringing value to the table.

Guiding points when writing content for backlinks:

  • Do not be in a rush, research and write wisely
  • Do not include outdated content
  • Use only trustworthy information
  • Show a piece of yourself in the text
  • Use catchy phrases, headlines, images and video

Consistency is Key in Backlink Building

When someone is not consistent in what he does, he will not exceed, this is also true for all walks of life. No truer words have ever been spoken in the digital world and when it comes to backlink building.

Hundreds of thousand bloggers, website owners and businesses update their content once or twice a month, even less. They do not even make consistent link-building, which is where the problems start to occur.

Let us get this straight. The more content you publish, the more backlinks you will eventually get. Being extremely persistent and having a plan of your weekly goals is the key to acquiring quality backlinks. Having SEO-optimized content ready both for your On-Page and Off-Page optimization is essential, you can’t let a week pass without posting and doing outreach.

Creating an E-mail List

Last but not least, you need to update regularly your E-mail contacts with editors that you already work and potential ones. This will allow you to build website backlinks, find your backlinks and maintain a long-lasting relationship, which is good for business.

Write your E-mail messages specifically to every other website you are trying to reach, do not use auto-generated templates, there is a big chance nobody to ever reply to you. This doesn’t have to discourage you, it is just an indicator that you need to level up your negotiation skills. That’s it.

Wrapping this up

Acquiring quality backlinks to your website as we already said is a continuous process filled with a sacrifice of time and resources. Our advice is to create a simple strategy and follow it. This is the right way to start.

Also, bring second to none quality, stick your content and create your way of acquiring backlinks. Earn them!

Website owners will appreciate your efforts if you go for websites in your niche and present your idea in the most creative way possible.

Count on yourself, bring value and attract quality SEO backlinks to your website.




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