How to Master Anchor Text (Guide)

A lot of you will ask: "What is anchor text?" and "What is its purpose?"...

Let’s jump right into the unbound world of search engine optimization and one particular part without which it can’t exist – anchor text.

A lot of you will ask: “What is anchor text?” and “What is its purpose?” Well, in the next lines we will break down to you that: absolute dissection of anchor text, how to differentiate it, all the variety and important types of anchors and how to use properly in the process of building your rankings in search engines.

What is Anchor Text?

Simply explained, anchor text stands for the clickable text, often marked in a different colour, on which the user clicks to visit another page. In other words, it applies to hyperlinks which include both internal and external links. Nothing sophisticated, right? Do not worry, we will give you plenty of examples, but first, let us show you how anchor text looks in its HTML form:

<a href=””>my website</a>

This is the actual code that gets the user from point A to point B with a single click in the text. We will help you learn how to use it in your content and for link-building purposes, so you can rank for the keywords in your niche without any problems, penalties from Google and so on.

Stay with us as we are about to break it into small sections and show you how well and easy you can use anchor text for SEO-friendly strategies.

Why do we need to differentiate Anchor Text?

Anchor text can make or break your SEO campaign. Literally. That is why you need to know how different types of anchor make an impact on your links and use them for the greater good of your SEO plan.

Pointing that out, we will give you the nine most important anchor types you can use to maximize your link-building process and not get penalized for using spammy words and phrases for which you can get in trouble.

Also, we will repeat this multiple times in the next paragraphs: remember, it is a good practice to use different anchors in efficient proportions. What we mean by saying that is you need to keep the usage of particular anchors in rotation, do not include only one or two keywords by any means, for which you might get caught by Google for using the same anchors over and over again.

Types Of Anchor Text

  • Branded Anchor Text

As you can guess, these are anchors that use your brand name. Here are some examples:

  • Digital Spring
  • Digital Lead Foundation
  • “Digital Spring” By Digital Lead Foundation

This is how it looks when included in a sentence:

” Learn more about digital, data and tech-related topics on Digital Spring.”

Branded Anchors are powerful, here’s another example of how big brand companies count on them:


  • Naked Link Anchor Text

It simply shows the raw URL of a website:


Let’s proceed with GAT.

  • Generic Anchor Text

Generic anchors do not have a keyword or a particular brand in them. They might be simple phrases such as:

  • Click here
  • Go here
  • Visit this website
  • Visit blog

Their main idea is to generate some action and when used in a sentence they usually look like this:

“For more informative blog posts on digital know-how, go here. “

  • “No Text” Anchors

This is a method which is used by many and can also have a good effect when used right. For example, this can be done by uploading images or not using anchor in the article.


  • Image Anchor Text

This happens when Google uses the ALT text of an image as the anchor text. Plain and simple, you just need to get your ALT text fixed if you think an image should link to your website.

  • Brand + Keyword Anchor Text

Bonding your target keyword with your brand name is a great idea as well. Here’s an example:

  • Digital know-how by Digital Spring
  • Digital Spring marketing solutions
  • Digital Spring Facebook advertising
  • Keyword Variations Anchors

With this type of anchor text, you can bring a little more diversity to your keyword optimization. If our keywords on which we want to rank are “digital marketing”, “Facebook targeting” and “online store” we can implement the words in the following anchors.

  • What is digital marketing
  • Understanding Facebook targeting
  • How to start an online store

Now follows two anchor types that are a little more sophisticated and should be used carefully.

  • Exact Match Anchor Text

When using these types of anchors you should be careful, some websites get penalized for overdoing them. On the other side, if used properly, you can increase your rankings in a big way.

Exact match anchors are simply what your target keyword is. If you ranking for “learn digital“, then you use exactly that keyword in the text.

  • Partial Match Anchor Text

Let’s give an example with the keyword “WordPress blog”. Here you can add some generic words around it:

  • Read this WordPress blog guide
  • Build WordPress blog now
  • That WordPress blog

These are the anchors you need to master if you want to generate effective results in your SEO campaign. Now we will proceed with the right usage and what percentage they should be to reach optimal results without getting penalized.

Anchor Text Usage Recommendations

  • Branded Anchor Text – ( 70% and more)
  • Naked Link Anchor Text – (about 20%)
  • Generic Anchors – (5%)
  • Exact Match Anchors – (1%)
  • Partial Match Anchors and Titles – (1 to 5%)

All of these ratios combined with strong backlinks and original content behind it, we can assure you will not have any troubles with search engines and penalties along the way. You will be completely able to create links to your website that will both bring traffic and authority for your website.

Make sure you do not use only one type of anchor for your links, let’s say you only optimize on branded anchors. This can have serious negative effects. You need to rotate different types of anchor text into niche-related websites and never over-optimize them. Follow the ratio and rotate, follow and rotate. This is the single best way to build strong backlinks with great anchors that are going to last and move your pages upfront in search engines.

Safe Anchor Placement Recommendations

Always strive for the best link opportunities such as high-domain authority websites and trusted sources. You can use keyword-rich anchors for editorial links.

For business listings, blog comments, directories, profiles and press released you can count mainly on branded, naked link anchors and some amount of generic anchors. Make sure the websites you place your link are relevant to your niche and you will soon notice the benefits of the process.

Under no circumstances put your link to websites that are irrelevant to yours. If you have no real value, well-structured content but despite that placing links in every other website, that is surely a SPAM and Google will not let any of this get across.

Use professional tools like Ahrefs to explore more keywords in your niche and create your anchor text. You can build an incredible strategy that works, it will just take some time to do full research which will pay off later.

If you are taking advice from other SEO specialists on anchor text usage, make sure that they are not using any spammy methods for getting links, for which you might get penalized.

Final Words

Anchor text can be a treasure when it comes to placing the right keywords in text optimization and knowing what works with the latest Google updates is essential. Although, it is just a small part of the bigger picture without mastering it you can’t get some quality links that can have a real effect on your website.

Combine valuable articles, trustworthy resource links and the right anchors and you will strive upfront of your competitors.

In the end, that’s one of the reasons search engine optimization is about, right?



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