How to generate Organic Traffic With SEO

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Already knowing how important is to have a well-functioning website, now most of you are asking themselves these questions: “From now on, how do I attract people to visit and get familiar with my product or service?” or the more common one: “How to generate organic traffic to my website, so there is actual engagement with the content that I have to offer?”.

Well, there is a simple answer but not a simple mission to execute. It is called “SEO” which stands for “search engine optimization” and it is a long process, not a single act. In this post, we will give you enough information to get familiar with SEO, some must-do strategies that you need to follow to have long-term success and rank your website to the top of search engines, using the right long-tail keywords, content submission, doing site audits, loading speed check, meta description and meta tag usage and acquiring pivotal backlinks. Let’s begin, shall we?

How Does SEO works?

In our experience, we would say that search engine optimization is the backbone of a website that helps to keep it “standstill” in search engines like Google, Baidu or Yandex. As we know, the most popular and used one of them is Google and more than 90% of websites that are doing “SEO” try to rank their way up there. Some digital experts even say that if your business is not on the first page of Google, it solely doesn’t exist.

And this is straight facts. Let’s face it, guys, how many times have you searched for a brand, business or product and went looking further to page 7 or page 11 on Google. We all know the answer. Not a single time. First of all, when we search, we do like to find things fast and want them to be efficient. To reach that effect, we pick up the most trusted results in the search engine and they are on the first page or sometimes second in Google, depending on the niche and competition between websites.

Let’s get back to the roots and explain how SEO can give organic traffic to your website with excellent visibility in search engines, without getting penalized or banned for using the wrong methods. The Google Search Engine is the most proficient in terms of updates and they do change the algorithm regularly. This can be detrimental to your website if you do not follow the rules.

Enough with the itty bitty introduction and let’s get serious, as serious SEO can be to your website. It can help it go straight to the top and acquire traffic in the desired niche, or you will spend time doing the wrong and inefficient methods that are not going to help and waste hundreds of working hours.

What is Site Audit and 7 Reasons Why You Must Do It To Boost Organic Traffic?

Site audit, both on-page and off-page is a must when you have a website because of the following benefits:

  • it shows you the current traffic of your website
  • it helps you create the right keyword analysis
  • resolve any on-page problem with technical analysis, content check, link-building quality and opportunities and competitor analysis which can help with finding successful strategies to use for your website optimization.


Using trustworthy tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs and Semrush will show all organic traffic and referring domains to your website. They are all great for finding new backlinks in your niche and build up your strategy. Keywords suggestions and link quality are both major factors in Google search engine optimization, so you might as well take your time in research or give a professional agency to do the website audit and keyword research for you.


Backlink quality, link submission and high domain authority are pivotal, but sometimes a hard and a long way to go.  Do not expect to get mind-blowing results from traffic in two or three weeks after you paid for some guest posts, submitted listings and directories. It is important to link only to websites in your current niche. For example, you try to sell “second-hand laptops” or “repaired laptops”. This means you have to follow and submit sites which are oriented in technology and your submission will be beneficial to the people who can be interested in buying those repaired laptops.

Also, always check the domain and URL rating for the sites you want to contact for submission.  The higher, the more benefits will have for your website. Links from trusted and high authority websites are a gold mine when it comes to link-building. Stick to mastering that and it will pay off in a big way.


Long-tail keywords and branded anchor text are essential when launching a link-building campaign. Especially, when it comes to branded anchors, they must be the main source of links to your websites. You must rotate anchor text between branded, long-tail, naked, generic, but mainly try to stick to branded and long-tail keywords. Do not overdo them, it will simply be marked as spam, but the branded anchor text can go up to 70% of all your anchors in the search optimization strategy. 

When it comes to long-tail keywords, they will bring phenomenal results if used properly. For example, let’s go back to the made-up niche of “repaired laptops”.  “Laptops” is our main keyword but it will look unnatural and spammy if it is used too much and left only by itself. But if we write “cheap repaired laptops and warranty” or “low-cost repaired laptops and maintenance” it will have a whole new outlook on the text and will make website visitors check your website as well.


Make sure your website architecture is made simple. No one wants to enter a website and see tons of information, buttons and harden themselves while searching for something. What you have to do is to make sure all pages of the website are available in under two or three clicks. Let’s say you have a broad catalogue of your product or services and the visitor wants to check it directly from there. Then, you must have a click button straight to it. Also, do not combine too many different colours and heavy design and misleading internal links. Make it responsive with medium to big sized buttons and text.  Simplicity is key, people. Master that and increase the time a visitor spends on your website.


On-page optimization is often not easy, it might take a few people to do it, not only from an SEO point of view but user experience, design and writing content as well.  Speaking of these factors, page speed can be checked with tools like Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights. Slow and crashing websites can make a big percentage of visitors disappear right away. Not only that, if you have broken internal links to the website, but this can also double the trouble. So make sure you use Broken Link Checker and find out if there are any errors due to coding mistakes or non-existent pages.


We all know the saying: “Content is King” as cliché as it may sound, but no truer words have been spoken. When we are talking about content, both on your website and out of it, meaning using guest posts for link-building, it has to be three things: original, engaging and professionally written. Google values content, especially in the last few years and last algorithm updates, so our advice is to post only the best content possible, it must feel easy to read, feel natural, without any keyword stuffing and all of those spammy methods that do not work anymore.  Do not worry about it, if you are not a strong content writer, there are many freelancers or even agencies that would love to help you with search engine optimized content. Get the content right and a big percentage of your on-page SEO optimization is done. Results will not only be pleasing for you, but your potential clients and visitors because in this way you are making it easier to find the information they were firstly looking for. With content, you can solve your clients’ problems and needs efficiently.

Top-quality content is excellent for guest posts as well. Which is a must part of the link-building strategy.  Some of the strongest links and more organic traffic could be acquired through them and create value for your website and business.


Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions are also a part of the big picture.  Using the right meta descriptions can help you summarize the content of a page. If you are doing search optimization for a WordPress-based website this can be done with the help of The Yoast SEO Plugin. You can write your summary and the plugin will suggest how many words are perfect for that. Optimizing with the right SEO keywords is crucial, so you might as well learn more about meta descriptions and why they are so important in organic SEO traffic.

When it comes to meta tags, they are invisible but they play an important role because when crawled, it shows what the page is all about. Title tags, header and footer tags must be optimized, when the site is crawled, it makes a major difference when showing results in the search engine.

Final Thought and Tips.

There are many ways to reach outstanding traffic with search engine optimization. No matter what niche your business is, it will need it to survive in this competition for higher ranking and top-spot keyword results. Here we showed you some elements of search engine optimization which are a must. We repeat – a must, simply because in 2020 is way harder to rank than it was 10 or 15 years ago. We are talking about times when Google can change the algorithm every moment and millions of websites to lose their ranking because of that. 

These are some sure ways if this happens, you will be more prepared and reach to more clients through SEO and will not lose your positions in search engines. Always update your content, maybe not every day, but once or twice a week, create a text worth reading and keep it ease on your target keywords. Use them wisely and we would say even precisely. Every sentence must be clear, original and interesting to the reader.

When it comes to link-building, it is one of the most powerful methods to attain more organic traffic, so connect with high-quality websites, forget about submitting links wherever and whenever. Take calculated risk and stick to a well-planned strategy. You will see that search engine optimization takes time but the overall results will be worth it.



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