Creating Your Niche Website (Part 2)

...the follow up tips to finding your niche website.

Hello, friends,

We’ve said we would come back in no time when talking about creating your niche website. Well, that escalated quickly.

We are ready with more tips to consider when choosing a niche for your website, also, we will give some suggestions how you can engage more people, increase your organic traffic and even do affiliate marketing with brands. 

There is no need of another fancy introduction, you know the deal here – we will be talking about efficient ways to manage your website in the chosen niche, develop your brand and continue to thrive in search engines. 

Use a variety of tools

Tools are pretty much everything when starting research. We would recommend one tool that you can add to your Chrome or Firefox browser. That is Keywords Everywhere

The tool is perfect for showing detailed information about search volume (SV), related keywords, what people are searching for and cost-per-click (CPC). 

Variations in keywords are extremely important. Here’s why. Let’s say you are doing research for “basketball equipment” but it happens to be a pretty stiff competition or the other case, people are not into the keyword and use other terms to find about this topic. Such tools will give you the tremendous opportunity to see what is working at the moment, monthly searches and keyword difficultly.

You simply do not want to start trying to rank for keywords that are high in the competition. The keywords you need to put your main focus on are the ones that have a “decent” search volume but are not difficult to rank.

Also, when you are working with Ahrefs and want to check the keywords your main competitors are ranking for, you can do it easily by exporting information about it. Nothing illegal here, we confirm. It is a pretty good strategy to follow and as you are getting better at it with time, you will succeed in choosing keywords that are going to rank higher and bring some phenomenal results to the table. 

Gaining knowledge in your niche

You can start strong with your new niche website only if you correctly do your research. What we mean by that is you need to read, read and read.  Having “real” sources of information such as professional blogs, case studies, getting a piece of startup advice from an agency or an expert is key. 

 Let’s not forget to mention that this may take time, not just a couple of days but a month or two. Preparation and repetition are the fathers of learning. Create a list and a budget on how much time and resources you can spend to get the utmost information about your niche.  Another great way to start is to take a course on your topic, if it is for example “marketing fundamentals”, then you know you have to read constantly and improve the content of your website with accurate information. 

Platforms like Udemy and paid courses from experts in different fields will give you the perspective you need to continue with developing your niche website. 

Methods to monetize your website

Affiliate marketing is a great way to do it, it is a passive income and you can earn a good deal of money monthly. So, if this is the main goal of your site, choose niches in which you can promote. As more and more traffic you generate, you can negotiate with your partner about the percentage you get.  

Some people create a website so they can do Amazon affiliate marketing and it is just another great idea.  If you put the right amount of time into it, you can reap some sweet fruits off this cooperation. 

Another working idea is putting ads and banners on your website. One tip for great UX, take it from us, do not overdo your website with random banners. It will not only look spammy but in fact, will be irrelevant to those who are searching for information in your chosen niche. One or two ads is good, especially for newborn websites. Do not try any aggressive tactics, it will only confuse your visitors and will not bring any positive results. 

Build relations and brand awareness

You first need to decide if your niche website is going to be a personal brand or general brand. If it is going to be used for a personal blog, it would look something like this: George Kondev (referencing my personal blog). If it is general, looking for the bigger picture, it would be this: Digital Spring. 

We know you get the idea. 

Creating a relationship with leading websites for link-building, especially guest posts will be good for the authority of your website and the traffic. After you have established your website, did the technical part properly and fixed all kind of on-site issues, you are good to go with advertising your brand and niche website in search engines.

Whether it is through SEO, Google Ads or Social Media Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, it would take time to get ahead.  The results would eventually come to you. You need persistency and determination to upgrade your chosen niche website daily. 

Apart from buying a domain name and a hosting plan, you will need to develop other components, such as: 

  • Platform (WordPress, Magento, Joomla!, Shopify, etc.)
  • Design ( responsiveness, images, originality, quality, alt texts, schemas and more)
  • Content (original, well-researched and engaging text)
  • Contact information

Creating your niche website is an intriguing journey, sometimes you might need help from experts not only for search engine optimization but for brand construction, graphic design, coding and website architecture). Not only that, of course, but you can also do most of it by yourself. It will take time, quality work and persistence but the results will be worth it. 

There are so many possibilities after you build your niche website after you create some authority by doing a specific link-building campaign. You can find creative ways to monetize your website, to advertise and get to more people on the web. 



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