Creating Your Niche Website (Part 1)

Back up your passions with a great niche website....

You are thinking of starting your niche website and do not know what it takes to do it?

Well, this blog post will be divided into two parts. It will cover exactly how to choose your niche and the starting points you need to master and research to actually make a successful niche website that ranks.

Okay, let’s start with some basic but pivotal questions that are going to lead the course of this blog post.

What niche are you excited about?

The question may seem extremely simple but it is the essence of building whatever website you want. We assure you there are no limitations after answering this.

What matters in the process of choosing a niche is that it has to be the one you think you can compete in. In other words, it doesn’t mean it has to be extremely stiff or the other way around, to be low-competitive. Both situations can be deceiving and will make you think that if a niche is way more competitive it will drive more traffic to your website. No, there is no real evidence of that and this way of thinking does not solve the case.

Here in our “how-to” create a niche website and sustain it for a long period we will cover some simple rules you can follow to find your niche, do the needed keyword research, create an astounding piece of content for it and offer something original that will stand the test of time.

Let’s go back to our starting question: “What niche are you passionate about?”

Is it football? Or maybe sports is not your thing? Is it a music blog? What about films, culture, marketing, economics, wow, there are endless possibilities, you know?

Let us get this straight, whatever niche you pick up and try to create a successful website, you will need to dive in deeper into it and create a research plan to stick with. What we mean by that is you will have to check for the click-per-search (CPS) of targeted keywords, you will have to make room for new ideas when it comes to content, blog posts and updating it regularly. Then it comes the part with link-building, you will need a long-lasting strategy to follow and build authority in search engines. Depending on how competitive the niche is, this can take from 6 months to 12 to see some decent ranking results. And all this is said from an SEO point of view.

It can take months of putting hard work and constantly updating and optimizing your niche website to see even “some” results and traffic. Do not think that visitors are just going to fly in immediately. It is not how the process of search engines and creating new website works.

Build your niche website from scratch

When you answer some fundamental questions about your passion, interests and skills, you can finally start the research for a domain name, target keywords, what your on-page content would look like, create a relationship with developers, professional copywriters, etc.

For example, in this post, we will take a random keyword, let that be “basketball”. Okay, everything sounds great but “basketball is a broad word, it can cover thousands of related topics. So, the question is now what type of basketball content you are trying to put out on the web and rank for. Here are some examples:

  • You are passionate about specific ball players and will promote content and news about them.
  • You are a big sports fan and watch the NBA daily, so your content would be heading to this.
  • You are console fan and have played all the 2K basketball games, you are experienced in putting out content about this topic.

And of course, there are hundreds and hundreds of other possibilities. This is called “choosing a micro-niche”. Let’s break it down.

A micro-niche is a smaller, more specific part of a bigger niche, as in our case “basketball”. And because the word “basketball” is very broad, you need to choose a micro one on which to build your website, content strategy, pick up a domain name and all other components of the full package. Whether it is basketball games, basketball players, or basketball news, clothes or equipment you need to specialize in that exact niche and show valuable skills and proceed.

Here are tools to help you with the keywords and choosing your sub-niches.

  • Google Trends – it helps you to see which keywords are now trending and what their search volume is by date. You can also easily compare with other long-tail keywords.

  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer – the tool is one of our favourites, it helps us with searching for keywords, their search volume and more.

  • Answer the Public – it gives is questions and suggestions for long-tail keywords, search phrases and so much more, once we type in our “main” keyword. It is full of options for questions, prepositions, comparisons and alphabeticals.

Choosing the domain and hosting plan

Picking up the domain name suitable for your website is one of the first steps to go, along with choosing a decent hosting plan. There are many great hosting companies to choose from, let’s just name a few: Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator and more. When it comes to choosing a domain name, you can go with Namecheap,, etc.

Okay, now after you know for what you need to look at the very start of building your niche website, we will cut the topic in half and proceed with other efficient methods in our second part of the post. Not only that, but we will also give more amazing solutions on how to pick up the right niche for you and optimize the website for search engines,

acquire more traffic and boost your website authority to stand out in front of the competition.

Stay tuned, everybody, the second part is coming “really, really” soon.



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