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Over the years guest blogging has proven its huge impact...

Over the years guest blogging has proven its huge impact in search engine optimization and acquiring high-authority backlinks. Although many specialists bash guest posts and their over-usage in recent years, they are still one of the most powerful ways to gain traffic and boost your website presence and positions in search engines.

Let’s remember that in 2014 Matt Cutts said that guest posts have become more of a “spammy practice” than being the real deal. We do agree with the fact that thousands of bloggers are trying to get high-quality links to their website with mediocre and not useful content. Sadly, there is always going to be a practice like that. People try everything, even shady practices, to get links from respected websites but let us get this straight right now. This is the exact way to fail.

In this present post, we will try to break it down to you what guest blogging is, how to proceed with writing valuable SEO content, including sources, anchor text, whether it is better to create it yourself or delegate the job to professional copywriters. Sharing guest posts is also about building a friendly and long-lasting relationship with editors and other bloggers. Keep this in mind and you will notice how easier it would get when preparing your list for outreach.

What Is Guest Blogging?

As you might already know, one of the most efficient and fast ways to get a link to your website is through guest blogging. Guest blogging is simply creating original high-quality content in your niche, which can add value to another person’s blog. Also, in this process, you suggest your post for submission, building relationship with other bloggers. After approval and your SEO guest post have been published, you can acquire the desired link to your website, when in a link-building process. This helps with acquiring quality links, traffic and creating a good reputation in the digital world.

Benefits of guest blogging for SEO are plenty and we will point out some of them below:

  • Acquiring backlinks from similar niche websites
  • Brand exposure and traffic to your website
  • Helps with developing authority
  • Long-term relationships with editors and trusted bloggers
  • Improving rankings in search engines
  • Valuable feedback from readers
  • Getting better at creating content

Apparently, the positive side of guest posts is way more and you have to consider including them in your link-building strategy.

Before all of that, of course, you need to get to the basics and learn how to decide what content you are going after, specify the keywords and put quality sources at the end of the written material. For example, if you offer products such as “anti-break smartphone cases” you should monitor your skills in creating content in which you are going to share effective ways to people on how to keep their smartphone safe using the right case for each model, the benefits of it and how this expands the longevity of the device. See, in just a few seconds we gave you an idea for which you can create some incredible content.

In that context, it is valid for a wide variety of niches, the point we are trying to get across is the following: no matter what your business is, if you give second to none and professionally written content that people can relate to and find useful, you are on the right path to getting published and acquire a link from almost every website you want.

So, our advice is to stick to some basic rules when creating fresh content, which are:

  • Do keyword research and include your niche keywords in the text
  • Engage with people, help them resolve problems through information
  • Be original and offer a reasonable solution
  • Create a table of contents, including to that particular page of your blog

When it comes to putting your link in the text or in after text sources, our experience shows it is completely fine to choose between and use:

  • Branded anchor text – (widely used in the text and source lists as well)
  • Naked link anchor text – (often placed sources at the end of a blog post)
  • Long-tail anchors – (mainly can be used in the text)
  • Partial-match anchor text

You can revisit our article about anchor text and learn more about it.

Do not fall for the mistake many people make and use in-text generic anchors like “click here”, go here”, “follow this”, which just look spammy from every point of view.

When we talk about sources at the end of the written blog post, it is a must to put them respectively. If your website gives enough information and details about the post, well great, you can do your research, find other trusted sources and combine them along with your website. By doing this, you are going one step further when the editor is approving your suggested guest post, because he will notice that you have done quite a good research and the text is not only information but authentic.

Just a simple reminder: always check your sources, the websites authority and reviews from people who have long working experience in the niche.

Finding Same-niche Websites

A lot of bloggers try to submit their guest posts to high—domain authority websites but they lack relevancy. As we gave an example with the anti-break cases for smartphones already, you have to know that it is best when you submit your articles in websites related to technology, smart devices, cameras and phones.

The easiest method you can use is open Google and type in: “smartphone cases + case study” or “technology + submit a guest post. After that, you can open Microsoft Excel, create a list of websites and then check their domain authority in tools like Ahrefs. You will not only see which websites are accepting guest posts but you will collect contacts or write directly in the contact form.

Deciding Your Budget

Submitting guest posts for SEO purpose is not always free. In fact, people are making a really good profit from accepting quality posts to fulfil their website. We should mention that there are ways to get your link and guest post published without any cash involved, but it is a long and hard road to go. You should write your content, it must be unique in terms of quality, idea, engagement, sources and has to create great value for the website owner, especially if it is a trusted one.

But if you give the topics to a professional copywriter, most definitely, he will write as many articles as you tell him to. They will be checked, original and ready to publish. But that costs money, as you know, so you need to have a clear strategy on how to split your budget. Do not forget that what costs more is to submit your guest post.

The second part of the submitting guest post-process is communicating with the editor of the website you want to publish your SEO guest blog. There are many webmaster templates to use when you contact but do not make this mistake. Write a brand new letter to each website owner or editor, show your interest in publishing an article in their blog, the benefit of that and send them the text. After review, they will get back to you with detailed information about prices, policy terms.

Although submitting guest posts in most cases is expensive, there are ways to do it on a low-cost budget or even for free. Some editors offer reciprocal links and this can help if both websites have similar articles. This can have a positive impact only if you have a high-quality website and your articles are top-notch, original and professionally written. Otherwise, do not bother with submitting. It is not so much of good practice and you can fail at it big time.

Pros of Writing Guest Blog Content By Yourself

If you consider yourself a good writer and have solid experience in writing SEO-optimized articles, then you are steps closer in saving money and time for guest post writing in general.

Benefits of doing it by yourself are:

  • Saving money
  • Saving time
  • Include whatever you want in the article
  • Leave your unique writing mark

Pros of Working with a Professional Content Writer

  • Communication and feedback
  • You can tell him to edit current article mistakes
  • A relationship for future projects together

Some of the negative sides of connecting with a copywriter are usually they are freelancers and they work with many clients. It is possible some of the guest posts to have article spinning which is not allowed at all circumstances. Some writers, besides their reputation use, copied paragraphs in text and mix them with original content, which again, we repeat is not tolerable. Google would find out, you can be sure of this.

Our advice is to always check your articles after you receive them, at least with Copyscape and Siteliner. This way you can be sure you are submitting 100% original guest post.

Building Efficient Relationship With Editors

When you work and submit your guest blogs to high-domain authority websites it is good to remember one thing. Keep a good tone and try to lasting relationship with the person accepting your text. You can even make a list of e-mails and website addresses to make sure you have some decent alternatives for future collaborations.

Remember, when you submit guest posts for SEO purposes to your website, product and business, you must act like a real professional. Only high-quality content is allowed and good manners while communicating with desired collaborators. With time and your patience, you will find out how much you can benefit from creating helpful guest posts in search engine optimization.



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