Beginners Guide to Ahrefs

The tool gives you "SEO pro" opportunities...

We would love to share one secret with you. Ahrefs is our favourite SEO tool to work with. That’s right – we cannot imagine a day without its mighty power and endless opportunities.

We would take time on this article to break down to you and simplify what Ahrefs can do and help you with monitoring the SEO progress of your website, acquiring backlinks and creating the perfect SEO strategy according to your niche. Not only that, but we will also give you tips on which you can build your competence in the tool and get the most from it.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

What is Ahrefs and what can it do?

Ahrefs is one of the most proficient tools for SEO analysis. With that being said, it helps you with backlink audits, finding the most suitable ones for your website, SEO keyword research, tracking down keywords, competitor analysis and more powerful options for an efficient site and brand audits.

We have to mention this, Ahrefs is a paid tool, of course, but this is as it should be. It is truly a tool that can help with tracking the progress of your website and search engine optimization in many ways.

We are working with it on a daily basis for the last years and it is a helping hand that every SEO enthusiast or expert needs.

Ahrefs provides the quality we need in just a few clicks. Now we will show you how you can apply some basic strategies to find and export the information you need to get ahead and compete in the SEO world.

For most of the following examples, I am going to use my personal blog. I just started it a couple of months ago and still needs huge improvement when it comes to search engine optimization, content creation, link-building and keyword research. It is suitable for the case.

As you see, the starting point in Ahrefs is this. You enter the URL in the Site Explorer, then click “Enter” and it automatically will show an overview of your website. It should look like that:

Here on the dashboard, you can see information about the AR (Ahrefs Rank), UR (URL Rating), DR (Domain Rating), Backlink profile, Referring domains, organic keywords and traffic.

When it comes to links and their presence, you can always check them by clicking on “Backlinks”. It will give you full information on all your live, recent and historical backlinks.

You can see all the links connected to your website, no matter if they are “DoFollow” ones or “NoFollow“. By clicking on “Link Type”, you can go deeper in your research and see from which page the link is made, the anchor text and if the link is “DoFollow”. It is easy as it actually sounds.

You can see the “Referring domains” the same way as you check for “Backlinks” in Ahrefs, you just need to click on it and see how strong the domains are, according to the tool, their DR, AR, organic traffic, etc.

Another element we want to talk about and is easy to figure out with Ahrefs is your “Anchors“.

As you will see here, you can track and export information about your anchors in the link-building process. When you keep an eye on that, you can make a strategy for which keywords you should go for and improve your search optimization for this.

Also, with Ahrefs you can export files for your organic keywords, their search volume, top pages of your website, competing domains and pages, measure your link growth, find and fix broken links.

The truth is, possibilities are many with the tool and you can create a new project from scratch.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs gives the opportunity to create a killer keyword strategy and to rank high for any keyword, especially with the help of its Keywords Explorer.

Type any keywords you try to rank for and see their SV (Search Volume), KD (Keyword Difficulty), traffic, clicks and more.

You can choose which search engine to explore more information. Whether it is Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Yandex or Baidu, you will find accurate information about the keyword which will help with building your keyword strategy.

Here’s an example with the previous personal blog of George we mentioned. It is a blog oriented in music reviews, art and musicians. In that case, we need to rank for keywords close to that topic.

We will type in the keyword “music blog” and see what information Ahrefs will give.

As you see the overall score, this is a keyword that is hard to rank for and has some stiff competition. We will need more backlinks to rank for it and especially worthy ones. This means, our strategy has to consider some unique guest posts in high-quality websites to reap the fruits of the word.

But if we look more closely in that situation, we can see one thing that is for sure. We can use long-tail keywords, which have less competition and rank faster and at better positions.

For example, if we add some more words to “music blog”, let’s say “hard rock music blog or “heavy metal blog” we would be able to rank way easier for these keywords because their search volume is low but consistent. This means we can go further into our niche and rank for the long-tail keywords that can turn into some valuable “low-hanging fruits”.

Content Explorer

If you want to learn from the best and improve your website content, you should check the content explorer of Ahrefs. This in no way means stealing text, original ideas from competitors because this is a violation of all rules.

Ahrefs gives you the opportunity to search for all the topics you are interested or already writing for and see what works and what doesn’t. In this case, you can check the published pages over time, some top authors, publications from top-quality websites, sources and more. This will help you with the construction of your content and publishing after.

Read again what is needed for creating SEO content that works.

To sum up Ahrefs

Ahrefs offers even more. Do not think for a moment that the tool is offering just these options. As this is a beginners guide, we showed you how amazing it is and what you can do with it to exceed your SEO knowledge and skills and bring top-results to your website.

In this article we didn’t talk about domain comparison, Ahrefs Rank, Batch Analysis, because these are options which need some more time to explore and we have something in mind of including them in further articles, so stay tuned.

Ahrefs can be your best friend when it comes to receiving accurate and fast information about all the URLs you want. The team is constantly improving the tool, so it can bring mesmerizing results to all SEO enthusiast, specialists and experts.



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