How Copywriting Affects Lead Generation?

Copywriting can be your lead generation's best friend if...

Quality copywriting has proven its effect on lead generation in many ways over the years. In this article, we will talk about how exactly copywriting affects lead generation marketing and sales and why it is pivotal to get it done uniquely.  

We will point out some of the proven working methods with which you can mould your content structure and will give some lead generation examples and tips by which you can improve your campaign. Think of it as a process in which copywriting and lead generation are both pieces without which you can’t manage to make any sales and engage with potential clients.

Ask yourself these important questions while developing your strategy:

  • Does your copywriting multiplying conversions?
  • Are your language and tone understandable for your audience?
  • Does your text have a personality?
  • What’s the success story and lesson behind your idea?
  • Is your copy structured well and visually appealing?
  • What’s the main purpose of your copy?
  • Am I offering unique value through copywriting to the users?

Take your time, relax, as we are about to discuss the main strong and weak points of copywriting as a process in building the perfect lead generation. We do guarantee that you will have a new outlook on the situation after finishing the text and our copywriting tips and guidelines.

As we already love to say: “First things first and…” we want to start with this one particular part of “copywriting how to” that will change the tide of your lead generation funnel instantly for the better.

Passive vs. Active voice

Let’s look at the bigger picture first and express our honest opinion about the everlasting battle of passive and active voice. We have to face it, no big advertisement in advertising and marketing history has made the cultural impact and won the audience by using passive voice. Remember that, we will explain later on.

Big companies like Nike, McDonald’s, media giants and more always announce what they have to say in the “present” moment. No matter what the message is. Whether it is the world-famous “Just Do It” or “I’m Lovin’ It, they always set to present it with a sense of longevity. That is a marketing tip, so consider sticking to the roots. Said in that manner, it builds thousands of relations, confidence and the real reason for people to look up to your great business or product and buy. 

Now how is that relevant for lead generation? Well, pretty much of the question you can already guess. While building your lead funnel you have one main goal above all others – that is the goal to sell your product. In that case, you need great copywriting to stick like glue between the product, media content and user and convert this into sales.

Getting back to the point we would say that the main job of copywriting is to be engaging, therefore it has to be written in the active voice. Especially with funnels, it is pivotal to be so, you want to convert direct sales, not recreating a whole essay or stories in the passive tense.

Active voice also tends to use less and fewer words. For example, situations like “Book your copy now” or “Save two tickets at the price of one” are way more efficient than passive voice text messages. Yes, it may sound cliché, but it works, and we tend to stick to the strategy that gives us leads and results.

Now let’s put a frame on the main copywriting guidelines you need to repeat and practice:

  • Stick to “active voice”
  • Use catchphrases that are easy to remember
  • Do not count on too many words. Less is more here.
  • Simplify for users and search intent
  • Pick your target keywords
  • Solve problems and answer questions

Functional vs. emotional needs

As we know from marketing, people have two basic urges to buy something: they are functional needs and emotional ones. Both spheres can go together as functional needs lead the way and then the emotional needs follow.

Good copywriting from lead generation is trying to convert more and more clients, as should, so you should definitely go first with the functional needs. In the end, if your product or service is unmatched, the emotional needs will be satisfied accordingly.

 People tend to look for good quality, product performance to be superior at a decent price. All three components must be combined together when building your lead funnel. If the quality offered is poor, the customer will notice, or if the price is too high, then too. Searching for optimal solutions is key, also with the support of an optimized decent text, you surely on your way to succeed and attract more leads. 

You should look for a way to present your product with lesser words, but the right ones. Descriptions must be top-notch, original text only and presented in innovative ways.

Start with explaining all the benefits for a functional level:

  • Description of product or service
  • Advantage from it
  • Answering questions, such as: “Why choose our team?”
  • Pricing: actual prices, ways to access payment and more
  • Benefits after purchase
  • Support and maintenance

Go even further with the copywriting and find solutions satisfying the “emotional” needs of the customer:

  • Safety and security of product or service
  • Regulations and terms of usage
  • Building long-lasting relationships
  • Proper communication
  • Discounts for loyal customers

By doing so and keeping it real and simple in the funnel form you will get easier to more and more potential clients.

User intent match

Content strategy has always had one specific goal that can build or crash your lead funnel. That is to be in alignment with the intention of the user. User intent should be a top-priority for copywriters. This can have the biggest impact on conversions, traffic and actual sales.  

However, what is needed as a success strategy to focus here is “clear user intent”.  You have to know all the opportunities, downsides and possibilities of your niche and to whom you are offering your lead funnel.  This is not often an easy process, it can take some weeks or even a month to build the strategy to follow during the funnel launch.

To figure out what users want is truly an interesting mission you and your team need to figure out before even starting your offers.

Even though you may not know exactly in the beginning if the intent is informational, transactional or navigational, you need to have a content strategy that collects the answers from the proper questions to define faster, better and to be more accurate.

Lead generation tools come to do the job for you. They will help with acquiring all of your lead information, more data about the visitors that you can use for later retargeting campaigns.  You can help yourself with Google Analytics and a bunch of other great paid tools which will give you structured data about the incoming visitors, intent and information on which you can grow your lead funnel.

Another copywriting tip is to create an engaging and original text, use more specific and “power” words to convert. Offering long and bland descriptions is something long gone in the past, in 2020 nobody wants to read tons of useless information.

Answer to all of the questions simply, correctly and with no more than e few short sentences. It is a proven way to create more sales.

Storytelling – keep it simple and short

Storytelling should be too kept straight to the point like all the other elements of copywriting to your lead generation funnel.  It should be something like giving an example with a success story. Expose all of the benefits and features of the product or service, leading the users straight to point – purchase.

In some situations creating a sense of urgency can help a lot, in others results are exactly the opposite. Remember, study your niche and decide, this can be changed along the process if it is not showing ultimate results. 

Storytelling can be put in additional elements such as text testimonials. When your current satisfied customers have some good words to say about your service experience, then why not show it on your funnel page. Yes, this works big time and also you can get closer to your existing customers. Show signs of gratitude, compassion and professionalism.  Use these copywriting guidelines, as they will bring more conversions, that is for sure.

Brand storytelling is another sphere in which you must keep your text tight. Your brand is your kingdom, so to expose it well on your funnel with short sentences, explaining what you do, what is your mission and what results to expect is key for conversions. People tend to trust brands that have more years of experience in the niche, have worked with a list of reputable clients and have high scores from user ratings and reviews.

Show people that you are a serious player on the market and your product or service is a top-quality one that constantly creates more success stories. This is the key to generating more leads, people see results and want to get there fast and secure.

What is content structure and CTA?

To write killer content you need to identify all of your target keywords. The content structure of your page may vary over time because you do want to change it according to the pleasant user experience of the customers.  Your copywriting should lead to sales, so you may as well use the TOFU, MOFU and BOFU methods to put out the text content in your funnel:

  • Top of the Funnel ( TOFU) – middle traffic and informational keywords
  • Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) – More long-tail informational keywords
  • Bottom of the Funnel ( BOFU) – use mainly low-traffic keywords

TOFU keywords are for the attraction of more customers. You can use them in headers, banners and short sentences.

The keywords for MOFU can be used in all of your blog posts. Long-tail keywords that are well researched and have a slightly significant monthly search can bring also amazing results, as more and more people will read your regular blog posts.

BOFU keywords can be used for landing pages and promotional pages. With sticking straight to the point of purchasing, you will get more information about the customers and funnel leads.

When it comes to CTAs, remember this one from us: “CTAs in most cases rely on “power words” such as “Get Access Instantly”, “Subscribe Now”, “Get your FREE copy”, “Start Your 7-day FREE Trial”, etc. You get the idea. It seems simple but you should not overdo them on your promotional page. Whatever you are trying to advertise, have a diversity of keywords that are bringing real value for the user.

Depending on the positioning, you can add a variety of CTA buttons on your page and gain success from them. Use your keywords smartly, do not stuff them for the sake of “keyword stuffing”. This will only make your pages seem more untrustworthy and can make people close them right away.

A sense of urgency, we repeat, can be beneficial here in your CTA buttons. People would react faster if they have already read the previous information about your business and are astonished by it.

In that case, never underestimate the power of CTA and content structure, as we would like to say again that everything lies in the efficient content and copywriting plan. If your text is superior, then you can expect big results from it.  People love stories about success, such ones that can relate to them on a personal level, help resolve their problems. If you think you already have the product or service to do so, then you have to organize your lead generation priorities and work until your funnel generates a great number of new customers simultaneously.

Do not chase “perfect” copywriting for your funnel, create one. Learn from the best, exchange advice with people in the sphere, there are plenty of good online courses on the topic which can help you clear more mistakes.

Also, if you think that it would be better to permit a professional copywriter to create your content plan and write for you, then do it, but be sure you are only working with the best, the ones that will keep you in touch for all changes will provide reports for the job and are strongly recommended by individuals or businesses.



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