How to set up a Facebook Business Manager Account?

In this article you'll learn how to properly set your Facebook Business Manager account and how it's different from a Facebook Ad Account.

There is no doubt about it – if you are serious about your Facebook marketing, you have to use Facebook Business Manager. Creating your Facebook Business account is relatively easy and in this article, we are going to show you how to do it the right way.

But before that I want to share with you some of the features you will find within your Facebook Business account. First of all, I have to note that you don’t need a Business Account to have a Facebook Ad Account. In short, you can run marketing campaigns and still benefit from all the insights Facebook has to offer even without a Facebook Business Manager Account.

Second, you already have an Ad Account even if you haven’t yet run any ads on Facebook. By default every Facebook user has a personal ad account, which they can use in an instant. You can acccess yout FB Ad Account via this link:

Facebook Ad Account features

As we already mentioned, Facebook users by default have personal ad accounts. If you manage a Facebook Page, you’ve probably already experimented with boosting various page posts. If you’ve done that, there you go – you’ve used your personal Facebook Ad Account.

With your FB Ad Account you can:

  • Create ads
  • Analyze ads
  • Edit ads
  • Pause and stop ads
  • Use FB’s “Campaign Budget Optimization” (CBO) setting
  • Add different payment methods
  • Research audiences and then use them in your campaigns
  • Access Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook Business Account features

When you set up your own Business Manager account, you get all of the features that come with a regular Ad Account, as well as some extra stuff.

Within your Business Manager Account you can:

  • Manage more than 1 Facebook Ad Accounts
  • Share assets between your ad accounts such as audiences and pixels
  • Add more people to your team
  • Manage several businesses at once. This is extremely useful if you run a digital agency and have a lot of clients
  • Manage all of your ad accounts, pages, and campaigns from one place

How to create a Facebook Business Manager Account?

I’ll try to keep this guide as simple as possible and if you follow these steps you’ll end up with a running Facebook Business Account in 15 minutes or less.

1. Go to and click on the “Create Business” button.

2. Enter your business name, personal name, and the email address you want to associate with your Business Account

3. Next you have to enter some details about your business. If you plan to use this Facebook Business account to manage campaigns for other businesses, select the “Provide services to other businesses” option at the bottom.

4. You’ll receive a confirmation email. Click on the confirmation link in your inbox.

5. So far so good. However, in order to run ads you need to create an Ad Account withing your Business Manager. Navigate to “Ad Accounts” and click “Add”. From here you can create a new ad account, add an existing ad account or request access to another add account.

6. Click “Create new ad account” and give it a proper name. My advice is to name it after the page you are going to connect it with. Select your timezone, currency, and payment method and click “Next”. You can add your payment method later as well 😉

7. Even though you are the owner and creator of the Business Account and the Ad Account, you won’t be able to publish ads. You first have to assign yourself to the newly created Ad Account. It may sound dumb at first but if you have many accounts and many employees working for you, this will prevent you from annoying and sometimes expensive mistakes.

8. You can add more people to your Ad Account by going to “Ad Accounts” and then to “Add people”. However, you must first add them to your Business Manager Account and then to your Ad Account. You can do so by going to “Users” and then “Add”.

9. From here you can choose what kind of access the new user will have. Note that you must know the email of the user you’d like to associate with your Facebook Business Account.

10. Add your Page to your Facebook Business Account and your Ad Account. Navigate to “Pages”, click “Add” and then type the name of your Facebook Page.

11. Add a payment method to Facebook Business Manager. Go to “Payments”, hit “Add” and fill your credentials.

12. If you want to receive invoices from Facebook in order to declare your expenses on buying Facebook Ads go to “Business Info” and edit the “Legal name of business section”. At the bottom you can fill your TAX ID. However, we advise you to regularly check this page for up-to-date information.

Well, this is it. Your Facebook Business Account is all set. Now you can create, edit, and analyze campaigns, ads, and audiences. In another article, I’ll show you how to set your Facebook Pixel and how to make the most of Facebook Audience Insights.



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