How to adapt your business to the current economic situation?

While others are stocking up on toilet paper you can take your business online!

Ready for turbulence?

Any global shock can potentially affect millions of businesses and most importantly, the people who run them. The next several weeks (hope not months) are likely to be quite volatile.

We’ve been in the digital business for years and we identify the current economic uncertainty partially as an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses. We want to share with you some of the potential ways of hedging your business against an upcoming crisis.

Bring your business online.

You need to consider your online presence. Whether you offer products or services, either way, having a proper website is a must-have in today’s market. And the best thing is that you can manage it from home. No need to go outside. Just stay home.

Each business is different. For some of them, it is applicable to have only a website with representational purpose, for others the full range of digital transformation services is needed. Starting from creating a reliable website, effective exposure from branding, digital marketing presence, all the way up to search engine optimization (SEO).

You think a Facebook page is enough?
Well, think again. Do you know any leading firm with only a Facebook page? It’s hard to find such a case. We can’t deny the fact that many brands use Facebook as one of their secret weapons, but not having a full specter of options when it comes to an online presence is the wrong way to go.

Lack of differentiation, identity, and freedom

Each business is unique in its own way and to stay so, it has to be differentiated from others. Facebook gives you one strict layout. All Facebook business pages are basically identical, which shows no opportunity for improvement and reaching a wider audience.

The most significant benefit from an active Facebook page is your visibility and that’s why it is the best addition to your business website. 

Options for building a website

Do it by yourself

Luckily, nowadays there are platforms with which you can create your own website. The best thing though is that you don’t need to be a programmer or some sort of web-developing guru. You just need the right will, a bit of creativity and the needed time as an important resource to do it. No tricks and secrets, that’s about it.

This option is excellent if you are just launching a business or have some financial struggles. We love to help people, that is why we’ve prepared an in-depth guide for you on how to build a website on your own.

Hire professional to do it

This is the most suitable option if you want the project to be done the proper way and save time as well.

Basically, if you choose this approach, you will explain what your business does, and the problem that you want to resolve. From there on, the freelancer or the agency will manage it in the most efficient way possible.

Choosing the professionals according to your needs is key.

It is pivotal to be precise when choosing the right team for the development of your website. Communication and mutual understanding is really the backbone of the whole process. When you and the chosen professional know exactly what has to be done and the goals are set, then the true magic happens. Picking up the right team for your project is not always an easy task, but that’s why we are here to help.

How to attract new customers through your website

Are you satisfied with the percentage of clients your business is generating? Most of you would probably say “No!” and we are here to assure you that there are countless ways to change that, especially online. We will conclude that to two particular words: “digital marketing”.

Why “Digital Marketing “is the fundamental ingredient for your business growth? 
As we mentioned before, time is a limited resource and we really need to manage it wisely in order to bring optimal results for our business. Not only that but other types of physical advertising are so much time-consuming and exhausting. The answer to that is digital marketing – in a smart and efficient way you can revolutionize your previous campaigns and get to new clients daily.

A brief explanation of Digital Marketing and how it helps you build your brand.

Let’s say you have amazing products or services on the go, but it is not easy for clients to find information about it on the internet. Digital Marketing is that helpful servant or guide, we would say, that points out the strongest elements of your business to potential customers and helps them differentiate you from the competition. You can create and manage social media profiles, update information daily and stay in touch with clients. Sounds great, right? Truly, it is.

Again, you can do it on your own or get help from a professional agency. 
Whether you manage your online presence by yourself or let that in the hands of professionals, you have to remember one thing – you can get ahead of the competition and create a long-term relationship with current and potential clients.


There is so much you can do to develop your business and navigate it through these difficult times. And why not make it last for a long time? Try to take the best of the current situation and use your time to bring your business online. The timing is perfect, you just have to take action.

Once you realize how important this process is and how it will change your business presence, you will want to dive into the digital world and be always ahead of the surrounding competitio



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