3 Ways to create a website

An easy to understand step by step guide for beginners

Should I build my own website in 2020

If you are serious about your business, definitely you should create your own website. Everything is online. By showing you products or services online, you can attract new customers, increase sales, look more professional, etc.

Which are the options for creating a website

In 2020 one thing is for sure – you have multiple options to choose from when it comes to website creation. The question is though, which approach you should pick. In order to understand that, I will try to explain each way, so you can decide on your own.

First I want to point out that some approaches require prior programming knowledge and some not.

1. Custom system

What is custom system?

Custom system (custom-written software) is basically a software which is developed by a programmer according to specific requirements from your company. For example: games, youtube, facebook, twitter – all of those software platforms were specifically made by custom requirements. They have different functionality and purpose.

Is this approach suitable for me?

Probably not. If you just want a website which has just a representational purpose, without some super specific functionality, you definitely don’t need a custom solution. For example: company website, personal website, online shop… 

In those cases we just use a platform on which we can build websites. I will show you such platforms further in the article.

Pros and cons of having custom system

There are many advantages to having a custom-written system. You have the freedom and the flexibility to make something unique and extend it by your desire. Of course, this requires a lot of planning, programming, testing, maintaining…

Basically if you want custom system you will need to hire an IT company or freelance developer, but one thing is for sure. It will cost you a lot of money and effort.

Website builder

What is website builder?

Website builder is a platform on which you can build websites. Usually you choose a design and modify it based on your needs. The modification of the design happens by dragging and dropping elements. It is a completely visual process, and you don’t need any programming experience.

Is this approach suitable for my case?

There are multiple reasons for choosing this approach when building a website. For example:

  • Small budget
  • Validating idea
  • Fast website creation
  • Complete control over the design

Usually this option is suitable when you want to create a website for you or your company with just representational purpose.


Pros and cons of using website builder

This is the easiest and cheapest way when it comes to a website creation.

Some website builders give you a lot of flexibility to experiment with your website design. And frankly some of them also have really useful integrations with external services.

The biggest advantage is that everything is out of the box. You just register on the website builder platform as a normal user, choose a website template from the rich catalog and you have the website right away. You can modify the design based on your own vision.

The coolest thing though is the prices. You pay something like $20 per month, depending on different specifications like – number of pages, products, integrations with external services.


What is WordPress?

In short WordPress is a CMS (content management system) with which you can build websites, online shops, blogs. This system has a variety of plugins (functionalities) which allows you to extend the system.

It has also integrated website builders. This means that you can easily modify the design by dragging and dropping everything that you see on the website.

Is this approach suitable for my case?

If you want to build a personal or company website, sure this option is a really good choice. It is also suitable if you want to create an online store or blog. WordPress has really rich functionally and it’s quite flexible. So I would definitely recommend it.

Pros and cons of using WordPress

The only disadvantage is that it requires some basic technical skills, but for sure it is not that hard to get started.

The advantages are:

  • Rich on functionality
  • Big community
  • Thousands of design templates to choose from
  • Flexibility and extensibility
  • Not that expensive

We are preparing a dedicated article, which will show you how to create your website using WordPress.

Interesting fact: Around 35% of all websites are built with WordPress.



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